Jalin Hyatt Sells Himself as the Best Receiver in the NFL Draft Class

Jalin Hyatt

Jalin HyattFormer Tennessee wide receiver Jalin Hyatt. Photo via Paul Kuharsky (@PaulKuharskyNFL) on Twitter.

If there’s two things that budding NFL prospect and former Tennessee wide receiver Jalin Hyatt isn’t lacking, it’s speed and confidence.

Hyatt’s speed has been one of his biggest selling points all season. As Tennessee’s top deep threat last year, Hyatt made a habit out of beating opposing defensive backs over the top of the field. It wasn’t just against mid or bad competition, either. Most are familiar with Hyatt’s remarkable five-touchdown performance against No. 3 Alabama this past October.

Off the field, though, Hyatt doesn’t lack confidence. He has belief in himself, his work ethic, and the people that surround him. While speaking to the media at the 2023 NFL Combine on Friday morning, Hyatt was asked who he believes is the top wide receiver in the class this year.

“Jalin Hyatt,” the former Tennessee receiver said via Titans reporter Jim Wyatt on Friday morning. “Jalin Daveon Hyatt, definitely number one.”

Why, though?

“I’ll say I’m dynamic,” Hyatt continued on to say. “I’ll say just because y’all say, ‘He’s a vertical guy, one trick pony, he does this and that,’ I do a lot more things than that. I can run routes – that comes easy to me. I can catch the ball – I have a good catch radius. I have long arms. Catch everything with my hands. Consistent. Not only that, you can go look at the games last year, dive down and actually get into the film, I feel like I’m unstoppable. I feel like no one can guard me. I feel like they fear me when I get out there. So I would definitely say that I am wide receiver No. 1.”

Jalin Hyatt can FLY 😳

The Tennessee WR is one of the fastest WR’s in this upcoming NFL Draft. pic.twitter.com/X01XzARDKd

— NFL Rookie Watch (@NFLRookieWatxh) February 24, 2023

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Hyatt continued on to say that Tennessee’s offense was about matchups and finding the right spot to put each player on that field for that play. Tennessee’s offense was less pro-style and more specifically designed for the matchup that presented itself that week. That’s why Hyatt is eager to show off more of his game to NFL scouts and coaches, like his route running ability.

“In Coach Heup’s offense, we spread it out,” Hyatt said via 104.5 The Zone’s Lucas Panzica. “Look for matchups. We don’t run the regular pro-style offense that a lot of teams run. And, obviously, what the league runs. I can’t wait to show my routes. I can run routes. Just being in coach Heup’s offense, you see a lot of vertical things, this and that. But I can’t wait to prove and showcase what I can do other than going deep. What I can do underneath, what I can do with the ball in my hand, just can’t wait to showcase that.”

Jalin Hyatt, the 2022 Biletnikoff Award winner, finished the season with 67 receptions, 1,267 yards, and 15 touchdowns over the span of 12 games.

Hyatt, teammate Cedric Tillman, and the rest of the wide receivers will all participate in the on-field workouts on Saturday afternoon at 1:00 p.m. ET on the NFL Network.

[email protected]_Football receiver @jalinhyatt was asked at the NFL Combine who is WR1 in this year’s draft class.

He sells himself …

🎥 pic.twitter.com/F61c1vkmK0

— Jim Wyatt (@jwyattsports) March 3, 2023

Author: Ethan Moore