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Teen Patti

Teen patti is a popular game that originated in India. It is a hand combination and hand rankings are different from the poker game. Let’s start learning more about the most popular Indian card games in the online mode, starting with common terms to know. 

Teen patti game terms to know about


If you will play Teem patti, then the boot is commonly known as ante, entry fee or the pot. It presents an equal amount contributed by each player before the cards that are dealt during 3 patti gameplay. It is a forced wager to play the hand in the teen patti games. The boot is the amount that ensures the Teem patti players fold every round to feel the small pinch. Thus, incentivizing the game with a small forced stake.

It is also known as pocket rockets, two pips post often, during the teen patti online gameplay. The players are away from the seat and then miss for the boot. The players are require for the post to get into the game. As per teen pati rules, the amount to be post is a part of the next hand in the amount of the boost at the time the players miss the turn. The posting has required the players that will otherwise post to happen the ante as per different patti rules. 

Blind players

A 3 patti player who will opt to not see his or her card and play blinds. You have the options to play pack, blind and show if the user will want. To play the blind then the player that puts the wager amount in the pot. The blind amount is equal to the current stake amount or twice the current stake amount. The first player, the current stake amount will be the boot. If the first player decides blind in an online 3 patti cash game. The wager amount must be equal to the boot amount or twice the boot amount.

Stake amount

The wager placed by blind players is the stake amount for the next player. If the wager is in place by the seen player. The stake becomes half the amount for the next online Teem patti player. In case the next blind players, the wager amount can be equal to the stake amount or twice the stake amount. The 3 patti online game is only when a blind player that can ask for a show when one opponent that is remaining the game. The card for both players is reveal a blind show and the winner gets the pot. 

How to play 3 Patti?

A teen patti online game is played with 3 to 6 players and 52 card deck of cards without any joker. Before the card is dealt, the boot amount is determining and collect from each player. Players then dealt three cards face down. When you indulge in the teen patti game. The money in the pot helps to increase the game’s progresses. And the winner gets to keep the pot money as per the 3 patti rules. 

As per teen patti rules, the winner is the player who remains in the game till the hand is fully complete. And has the highest poker hand as per the online 3 patti rules. 

Teen Pati Rules

Each player has to contribute the boot money and then receives the three cards face down as per teen patti rules. The teen patti online game beings with the players next to the dealer and then it proceeds in a clockwise direction. A player has the option to place a wager without seeing the card or after knowing what he has got. Once the player will choose to view his or her cards, then they have the options to choose the action and progress of the 3 patti games.

When you play teen patti online. Then the player who places a blind bet is the poker blind player. A player who places a wager after seeing the card that refers to as the seen player.

Teen patti limited stake and unlimited stake tables

A limited-stake teen patti game that has a limit to the amount of a player that a wager can give time. If the boot amount is Rs2 a player can wager only a maximum of four blinds, the maximum chain will be Rs 256 and the pot limit will become 2048. the pot limit is reached in 3 limits reached in 3 patti online games.

Author: Ethan Moore