You Should Not Miss Following 3 Popular Games

3 Popular Games

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Here are a few of the games that we suggest:

Andar Bahar

A well-known and straightforward card game from Southern India is called Andar Bahar. A deck of 52 cards is used for the game. The first card will be drawn by the dealer and placed in the centre of the betting area. The middle card is the first card. Then, players have the option of placing a wager on either Andar or Bahar. Then, the remaining cards are dealt to each side one by one.

If a card is dealt to one side that matches the value of the centre card, the game is over. In order to increase the game’s excitement, we also introduced 9 tempting side bets! Players can guess and wager on the number of cards that could be dealt in a round using these side bets. A 2x extra feature for Andar Bahar is available and appears randomly on the betting board. If it lands on one of your bet options, you might win up to 240 times your stake!

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Dragon & Tiger:

In a game of Dragon & Tiger, two hands are dealt: the hands of the Dragon and the Tiger. Three results are possible: “Dragon,” “Tiger,” and “Tie.” The hand with the highest rating card would be declared the winner. Ace is the minimum and K is the maximum. The game of Dragon Tiger has no suit rankings.

If the round of play ends in a “Tie,” all bets on “Dragon” and “Tiger” will forfeit half of their stakes, while all bets on “Tie” will receive an 8-to-1 return.

Type of wager and payoff standards:

Dragon’s Hand triumphs, paying out 1:1 (with a commission of 50% in case of a tie)

Tiger’s Hand wins, paying out 1:1 (plus a 50% commission if there is a tie).

1:8 payoff for ties


BPoker is a popular poker game that allows players to bet against other players. In BPoker, we are following the rules of Texas Hold’em Poker Rules. There are two type of games which are:

Hold’em6+ Hold’em

1. Hold’em

Five community cards are gradually handed, starting with two-hole cards for each player. The pot is determined by the best five-card poker hand, which may include both the hole cards and the community cards. The player to the left of the dealer button starts the clockwise rotation of the game. To win the pot, players place bets based on their belief in the strength of their hand. The amount that can be wagered on this game is unlimited.

The four betting rounds in total are the preflop, flop, turn, and river. Players can call, check, raise, or fold their cards during betting. Players still in the hand will reveal their hands after the final round of betting. The pot is won by the player with the best five-card hand.

Call – If you don’t want to raise the stakes but still want to play your hand, you can match the current bet.

Check – You can see the next card if no bets have been placed. This does not apply to the pre-flop. The blinds are the first preflop bets that must be matched with a call or raise for a player to continue.

Raise – To increase the bet, once a player chooses to raise, the round returns to each player for their decisions.

Fold – If you believe your hand isn’t worth playing, you can fold it and not place more bets.

2. 6+ Hold’em

6+ Hold’em is relatively similar to Hold’em. The only difference is that all cards from two (2) to five (5) are removed from the deck, leaving 36 cards rather than 52. In all other scenarios, the Ace card makes the low, with A6789 being the lowest straight and the high, with 10JQKA being the highest straight. There is also a noticeable shift in the hand rankings, with Flush outperforming Full House.

Our Viewpoint

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Author: Ethan Moore